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​What does it mean XO, VS, S... e.t.c?​

To make you understand better the nature of our products, we created a system of 

categories which defines the quality and the specification of the hair.



1. XO - Extra ordinary. This is the highest rated category.

The hair in this category have rare and unique colors properties

and characterised in extraordinary softness.

2. VS - Very soft. Second highest rated category.

This category define a very soft and high quality hair pieces, with out any

unique or rare colors properties.

3. S - Soft. Third highest rated category.

Define group of soft hair, without any other specialities.

4. N - Nice. Fourth highest rated category.  

Define nice and normal hair, and don't characterised at any un regular

softness or unique properties.

5. R - Rough. Last highest category.

Mean the hair have a rough structure. This hair have a good price compare

to other categories, and suitable for starting specialists or clients with fixed funds.

Payment & Shipping

To make your buyings more safely and simply  we decided to accept only Pay Pal payments .

Domestic shipment will be done by Novaya Pochta or any other local delivery company. International shipments will be done by DHL only.

Pay Pal commission will be added to the total invoice depending on the country of client (2.5-5% from the total amount).

Returns & Refunds

For making you satisfied and motivate to come back and buying from us, we add return and refunds option almost in all hair bulks.
please pay attention, if you would like to have an additional option such as wefts/keratin capsules it will mean that hair bulk will be customised and we couldn't provide an option of returning  in this case. 

All return and refunds can be possible only after we get back unsatisfied hair bulks. 

Pay Pal fee of 5% from the buying amount will not be returned.



Thank you for choosing us!
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